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  1. Plural of buffer


  1. third-person singular of buffer

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Buffer can refer to:
  • Buffer state, a country lying between two potentially hostile greater powers, thought to prevent conflict between them
  • Buffer zone, any area that keeps two or more other areas distant from one another, may be demilitarized
  • Buffer (rail transport), a device that cushions the impact of vehicles against each other
  • Buffer stop (bumper in U.S.), a device to prevent railway vehicles from going past the end of a section of track
  • Recoil buffer, an accessory for firearms, to cushion the impact of recoil
  • Film loop, isolates intermittent motion in a movie projector
  • Buffer (navy), the colloquial term for the senior seaman sailor in a (British Commonwealth) Navy ship
  • Buffer wheel, a wheel attached to a motor similar to a pedestal grinder used to smooth and polish metals and other materials
  • Buffer, a non "traveler" (gypsy), from "the Riches" FX tv show.
In chemistry:
  • Buffer solution, a solution which resists change of pH upon addition of small amounts of acid or base, or upon dilution
  • Buffering agent, the weak acid or weak base in a buffer solution
  • Buffer gas, an inert or nonflammable gas
  • Lysis buffer, in biochemistry, a destructor of cell membranes that enables analysis of the compounds within
In geology:
  • Mineral redox buffer, a mineral assemblage which stabilises oxidation state in natural rock systems
In electronics and computer science:
  • Data buffer, memory used to temporarily store output or input data
  • Buffer (telecommunication), a routine or storage medium used to compensate for a difference in rate of flow of data between devices
  • Framebuffer
  • Optical buffer, a device that stores optically transmitted data without converting it to the electrical domain
  • Buffer amplifier (also sometimes simply called a buffer), an isolating circuit used in electronics or telecommunications
  • Buffer (optical fiber), a component used to encapsulate one or more optical fibers in a fiber optic communication cable
  • Buff (MMORPG terminology), common title for abilities which primary function is to enhance other character's abilities (most often in some magic way).
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